Intercultural Communication and Diplomacy

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Slavik, Hannah
Hofstede, Geert
Macfarlane, Lewis R.
Robinson, Heather
Lewis, Diana M.
Inglott, Peter Serracino
Kappeler, Dietrich
Reimann, Heinrich
Katrandzhiev, Valentin
Gillespie, Sandra
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Diplo presents a volume that approaches the topic of intercultural communication and diplomacy from a wide variety of angles. Numerous specialists in intercultural communication theory and practice, diplomats and representatives from international and non-governmental organisations have been invited to contribute to this innovative publication. First, the reader will go back to the basics of intercultural communication theory before moving to a second topic, intercultural communication in the practice of diplomacy. The next part of the publication will deal with the communication between organisational and professional cultures; Diplo’s primary field of interest for upcoming research. The practice of diplomacy increasingly involves handling not only differences in national cultures, but different organisational and professional cultures at the same time. Diplomats increasingly function in a multilateral environment, interacting with many international organisations, from the UN to specific interest lobby groups. The final topic of the publication is the specific intercultural training for diplomats. Throughout the publication, readers will be led through case studies illustrating the need for intercultural competence in diplomacy, suggesting the importance for comprehensive training programmes and indications for further study.