Improving the practice of cyber diplomacy: Training, tools, and other resources

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Borg Psaila, Stephanie
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This study is concerned with the capacity development aspect of cyber diplomacy. It is made up of two phases: • Phase I looks at the availability of training opportunities and other types of support and their take-up. • Phase II identifies the gaps, and makes recommendations on how to close them. What follows in this document are the outcomes of Phase I: • Chapter 1 – provides context to identify the needs: who the cyber diplomacy practitioners are, where cyber diplomacy is conducted, and which countries are the most active and inactive. It also includes an explanation of the methodology used in this study. • Chapter 2 presents the mapping exercise of available training, tools, and other resources avail able, and how they help diplomats engage in cyber diplomacy. • Chapter 3 presents the findings of a survey and analyses how widely used these tools and re sources are by diplomats around the world, with a focus on the countries and regions that are not as active in cyber diplomacy. It also identifies why practitioners’ needs are potentially not being met.