Digital Watch Newsletter, Issue 10

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Borg Psaila, Stephanie
Honsberger, Laetitia
Nyein, Aye Mya
Horejsova, Tereza
Kurbalija, Jovan
Mahmutovic, Aida
Paque, Virginia
Radu, Roxana
Radunovic, Vladimir
Rosen Jacobson, Barbara
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Geneva Internet Platform; DiploFoundation
We take a look at the past four months and observe key trends that have started to emerge: those related to the leading role that governments have been taking in cybersecurity matters, those that are bringing economic aspects closer to sustainable development, and those related to convergence and new technologies. Cyberspace has become an essential component of modern society, yet its merits are accompanied by threats. A new study analyses the measures that ten OECD member states have applied to promote competence building in the field of cybersecurity. Developments in April show that more companies are switching on end-to-end encryption. The creator of Pretty Good Privacy, one of the most widely used encryption software, describes the evolution of encryption, the latest industry trends, and the legitimate interests of governments, users, and the industry. The newly adopted General Data Protection Regulation harmonises rules across EU member states, and extends its scope to non-EU entities which process the personal data of EU residents. We describe the salient points and the main challenges. The conference on Technical Innovation for Digital Policy (Geneva, 25 April) brought together the technical community and policy-makers for a discussion on solutions to digital policy issues. From circumvention technology and cryptography, to next generation secure architectures and open roots, technology offers the potential to tackle many issues. Advanced tools were described by their technical creators, while CyberLab demonstrations highlighted practical technical tools for user protection and how technology can also be used for illegal activity. Speakers included: Adrian Perrig from ETH Zurich, Louis Pouzin from Open Root, and Phil Zimmermann from Silent Circle. Read the interview with Phil Zimmermann on page 6.