Annual Report 2003

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Management and Administration: • First year of activities as an independent foundation • Establishment of new offices and new management and administrative structures • Development of relations with other institutions mainly in Switzerland and Malta Education and Training: • Annual Postgraduate Diploma in IT and Diplomacy • New courses introduced (Bilateral Diplomacy, Information Society Governance) • New delivery methods (entirely online, blended approach with meetings at beginning and end) • 150 participants in various courses World Summit on the Information Society: • Participation in both the preparatory process and the summit • Variety of activities including preparation of information resources (Information Society Dictionary, Information Society Portal) • Stand at WSIS with a variety of conferences and workshops focusing on Infor mation Society Governance and related topics • Many activities organised in coop eration with various partners: Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva), Geneva Centre for Security Policy, South Centre (Geneva), European Roma Information Office (Brussels), Univer sity of Michigan, Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (Geneva), Universi ty of Westminster (London), Institute of Federalism at the University of Fribourg, Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (Malta), Institute of International Relations (Trinidad and Tobago) Learning Management System and Online Learning Methodology: • Development of new modules and tools within the learning management sys tem • Improvements and refinements in the online learning methodology • Development of a blended learning methodology Information Society Library: • Preparation of a series of eight booklets on key Information Society issues • Graphical representation of Information Society issues