Digital Watch Newsletter, Issue 9

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Borg Psaila, Stephanie
Honsberger, Laetitia
Nyein, Aye Mya
Horejsova, Tereza
Kurbalija, Jovan
Paque, Virginia
Radu, Roxana
Radunovic, Vladimir
Rosen Jacobson, Barbara
Teleanu, Sorina
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Geneva Internet Platform; DiploFoundation
The latest developments in the Apple/FBI case seem to bring the case to a close. But in reality, have the main dilemmas been resolved or are they likely to resurface in the near future? In another development, ICANN55 ended on a more positive note. The Apple/FBI case and the debates on the Snoopers’ Charter were among the most prominent developments this month, which brought privacy, security, and encryption in focus. Updates related to the EU-US Privacy Shield, which will replace the Safe Harbour agreement, are also on the Digital Policy Observatory’s radar for March. The IANA stewardship transition proposal and the ICANN accountability proposal were submitted to the US government at the end of the week-long ICANN 55th meeting, held in Marrakech, Morocco. We take a look at both proposals, and what the next steps are. The ‘IG building under construction’ illustration is symbolic of the ever-changing world of digital policy. A new iteration sees new elements that denote emerging trends, in addition to the existing robust foundation of IG topics. The illustration represents the taxonomy behind the GIP Digital Watch observatory. The 31st session of the Human Rights Council saw important debates related to the digital world. Among them were privacy discussions in relation to the first report of the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy - which includes a ten-point action plan aimed at increasing awareness and fostering cross-sectoral dialogue - and a discussion on online child sexual abuse.