Annual Report 2011

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In 2011, Diplo’s online diplomacy courses remained available through three different modes of study: 1. As ‘certificate’ courses (participants enrol with Diplo and receive a certificate from Diplo on successful completion). 2. As University of Malta accredited courses (participants enrol at the University of Malta and receive credits which may later be applied towards the Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy). 3. As part of the Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy offered in cooperation with the University of Malta. Highlights of our achievements for 2011 include: • Significantly increasing the number of online course participants since 2010 (559 in 2010 up to 841 in 2011 – counting both diplomacy and Internet governance online courses. • Developing one new course: Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette (first delivery in spring 2012). • Delivering, for the first time, our new course Multilateral Diplomacy II: Current Issues in the United Nations (developed in 2010). • Creating a new partnership for online learning with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) – see the Cooperation section for more details. • Delivering face-to-face diplomacy training for several new partners. • Working intensively on a new online classroom (scheduled for launch in spring 2012) – see the Tools section for more details. • Improving our course advertising through our new website, with better presentation and navigation of course information – see the Diplo interactive section for more details