Digital Watch Newsletter, Issue 6

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Borg Psaila, Stephanie
Drake, Marianna
Horejsova, Tereza
Kurbalija, Jovan
Milovanovic, Goran
Radunovic, Vladimir
Veljasevic, Vladimir
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Geneva Internet Platform; DiploFoundation
The WSIS+10 review process will culminate with a high level meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in December. Building on the innovative reporting from the 10th IGF, the Digital Watch reporting team is gearing up to provide live updates from New York. In preparation, Diplo’s CreativeLab has analysed the dominant themes related to the event, present in the online media sources. This year’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF) pushed the boundaries in terms of tangible outcomes. Cognisant of the fact that it must evolve in order to remain relevant, the IGF community embraced the outputs on intersessional work and considered a number of documents as outputs. Yet, this can evolve further… And in an update from our data-mining analysis of IGF 2015 transcripts, the results reveal the structure of five main topics. In the aftermath of the recent ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union – which invalidated the long-stand ing Safe Harbor Framework – officials from the EU and the USA are now negotiating a new framework for the west-ward transfer of personal data. Short-term alternatives are available, as the European Commission has recently affirmed, yet the deadline imposed by the Article 29 Working Party is looming. A number of agreements on spectrum allocation were reached during the International Telecommunication Union World Radiocommunication Conference, including the allocation of radio-frequency spectrum for global flight tracking in civil aviation and the assignment of frequency band to the operation of short-range high-resolution automotive radar.