Annual Report 2005

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Internet Governance and the World Summit on the Information Society: The World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) - Tunis (November 2005) was one of the main international diplomatic events in 2005. For Diplo, the Summit was the crown of a three-year process which started in late 2002 with the preparations for the first Geneva Summit. In three years, Diplo has trained almost 200 diplomats and officials in Internet Governance, run awareness building activities, published books on the topic, and developed various pertinent online resources. Particular recognition for Diplo activities came with the appointment of Jovan Kurbalija to the UN WGIG, which had the main objective to draft future global arrangements for IG. For more information please consult the Report “Diplo at WSIS from 2002 to 2005.” New Training and Research Methodology: Diplo’s major conceptual breakthrough in 2005 was a new training/research methodology that aims at training and creating expert communities in developing countries. Using this methodology, Diplo ran a course and research project on Internet Governance with 70 participants. The programme involved a variety of activities, including online training, online research, internships at the WGIG secretariat, and attendance at various UN meetings dealing with Internet Governance. The new methodology addresses two challenges occurring in most development programmes: scaling-up and the multiplier effect. Through the involvement of a tutor for each group of 15-20 participants, Diplo was able to scale-up the number of trainees beyond the usual 20-30 participants without compromising the quality of personal attention in the teaching process. The multiplier effect is provided through a policy component: participants are involved in various policy processes where they both extend their expert circle and directly utilise knowledge gained through training.