Digital Watch Newsletter, Issue 65

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Borg Psaila, Stephanie
Gavrilovic, Andrijana
Horejsova, Tereza
Kamberi, Arvin
Lotti, Marco
Nadjovski, Dorijan
Paque, Virginia
Teleanu, Sorina
Ursache, Elena
Nedeljkov, Aleksandar
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Geneva Internet Platform; DiploFoundation
NFTs: Non-fungible tokens, a(nother) new kid on the block, generated billions of dollars in 2021. We look at the technology and the craze behind it. APP STORES: A US court ordered Apple to start allowing developers to link consumers to alternative in-app purchases. This will be a significant departure from Apple’s business model. AROMETER: The digital policy landscape changes daily. Making headlines were debates on the IGF Leadership Panel, new antitrust fines imposed on Big Tech, and the world’s first AI ethics rules. 2021: In response to calls for a more focused IGF, many of this year’s sessions are related to two main issue areas: economic and social inclusion and human rights, and universal access.