Diplomacy of Small States Negotiating Their European Union Convergence

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Gjorgjinski, Ljupco
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University of Malta; DiploFoundation
The paper analyzes the diplomatic possibilities of small states during their convergence with the EU. It looks beyond the technical process of negotiating adjustment to the acquis communautaire. This paper proposes that the diplomacy of a small state can help into being full conversion of its country with the EU’s way of doing things during the EU accession process and may, that way, assure a more continuous commitment to the future well-being of its society. The paper is divided into three chapters. The first looks briefly at how small states have been treated in the literature, what diplomacy of small states means, and what is happening with the institution of diplomacy in general and in the EU environmentin particular. The second chapter looks more thoroughly at the EU: the kind of entity it is and how previous enlargements contribute in clarifying that question; the role and form of negotiation in it; and, the formal process of negotiating EU accession. The third chapter explores several themes told through the first-person accounts of the main players on the side of the accession countries: the chief negotiators during the accession negotiations, who have a unique insight into the process of convergence.