5th Geneva Engage Awards

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Geneva Internet Platform; DiploFoundation
Last year’s analysis was based on two prerequisites: I. Multi-platform activity – the analysis was conducted for actors that had both Twitter and Facebook accounts from 1 January 2018 onwards; II. Outreach – the analysis was conducted for actors whose number of followers and the overall activity was above a determined threshold. This year’s analysis was marked by a change in methodology. Firstly, both requirements have been removed, allowing for a larger number of actors to be included in the analysis. Given that a certain number of actors do not have Facebook accounts, the number of indicators pertinent to Facebook have been reduced so as to allow all actors to compete under fairer conditions. Secondly, this change of requirements conditioned a somewhat different course of analysis. A series of ranges and weights have been identified and calculated for each assessment unit. Therefore, two ranges of values have been applied: 1-25 and 1-10. This has caused lower final results in general in comparison to last year. Thirdly, having an Instagram account became another assessment criteria, and actors with active Instagram accounts have been awarded additional points. Lastly, in an attempt to create a fairer environment and promote the engagement of actors with lim ited resources, a particular set of points have been given to ‘so-called’ emerging actors, i.e. smaller organisations/representations that have not received a Geneva Engage Award yet. The winners of the 5th Geneva Engage Awards Honourable mentions: The results of our data analysis revealed that in 2019, as well as in the previous years, the social media engagement of one actor in each of the given categories outperformed that of other entities in Geneva by a very high margin.