A Framework of Best Practices for Caribbean Small States to meet the Challenges of Climate Change

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Garnette, Nnke
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University of Malta; DiploFoundation
Caribbean Small States are considered vulnerable by virtue of their geographical peculiarities, economic exigencies, delicate ecosystems and rate of social development among other characteristics. Their ability to meet challenges such as climate change is therefore deficient. This research assesses the challenges faced by Caribbean Small States in view of climate change, in terms of the causes and effects, potential damages and current policies which exist to treat these issues. It emphasizes the interdependence between the alleviation of climate change, social and economic development and government policies. It is intended to be a guide for public and private sector policy makers throughout these Caribbean Small States and provide alternatives from which even developed states may be able to benefit. It is the researcher‟s hope that once the long term benefits are recognized, this devised framework will strengthen cooperation among states for development at national, regional and global levels.