The Role of Regional Cooperation in Eradicating Poverty and Aid Dependency in East Africa

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Nhongo, Wadzanai
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University of Malta; DiploFoundation
The hypothesis of this thesis is that regional cooperation and integration are effective tools in alleviating poverty within nations and reducing their dependency on foreign or development aid. This research focuses on regional cooperation in East Africa, through the East African Community (EAC), as a counter measure to the adverse effects of development aid in the region: poverty, debt and dependency. A case study of the impact of regional cooperation in Tanzania and an analysis of the role of regional cooperation in other regions of the world including East Africa has shown that regional cooperation has the potential to bring economic growth and eradicate dependency on aid which has had a crippling effect on African economies. However, for the EAC to successfully achieve this, the organisation will need to examine the models and structures of other regional bodies to adapt to its own structures the elements that have brought about success. These elements have been drawn from a study of the European Union which has over 50 years of experience in regional cooperation. This research concludes that with a revised model and operating system the EAC will increase its effectiveness and achieve success in development and poverty eradication.