EU – Turkey Negotiations

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Farrugia, Catherine
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University of Malta; DiploFoundation
Turkey’s accession to the European Union is one of the most controversial topics the EU faces. There is a division both between EU Politicians and European citizens about Turkey’s accession to the EU. For a number of factors, the Turkish application has not been perceived by the EU in the same way as other applications. In fact, various Chapters are blocked due to the uneasy relationship which exists between Turkey and some EU Member States. This paper examines the negotiations between the EU and Turkey and the long standing application due to various obstacles Turkey is encountering in order to implement the necessary reforms to reach all the criteria for accession. The research takes an in-depth look at the formal and informal obstacles that are hindering Turkey’s application. We used data to support arguments for those supporting or opposing Turkey’s membership. This paper does not analyze policy and institutional implications. Rather, this paper seeks to explore the various challenges on the Turkish application. Europe’s politicians should assist in efforts to first change the image of Turkey and build trust, both internally and externally, with a main objective to ensure that Turkey is moving forward to be accepted by all the E.U. Member States. Perhaps, this is the best way forward.