Influence of economic relations on bilateral relations

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Schuett, Antje
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University of Malta; DiploFoundation
The title of the master thesis is “Influence of economic relations on bilateral relations”. Firstly, three thesis statements concerning the influence of economic relations on non economic bilateral relations have been developed. In order to validate the thesis statements a methodology was chosen that is mainly data driven and based on two case studies and a data comparison procedure, as opposed to a "theoretical approach". After the methodology was evaluated a choice of cases was made and data were collected. Furthermore appropriate data (frequency and availability of data) were collected and presented. Finally data evaluation was undertaken (as a comparability check) and conclusions (e.g. that the relation of Germany and France is 100:8 stronger than Germany-China, based on data!) derived from the collected data were made. As a next step the "impact matrix" of Vester (that is commonly used to analyze influences) was developed based on the data out of the two cases and the data comparison sections. Based on all evaluated data, the final evaluation of the thesis statements took place with the following results: Evaluation of 1st Thesis: Confirmed Evaluation of 2nd Thesis: Confirmed Evaluation of 3rd Thesis: Confirmed